Dec 222010

The source code for Spin the World has been released. You can download it here in zip format.

The game is written in AS3, and uses the FlashDevelop IDE. It can be easily merged to Adobe Flash if you make the document class and chance the Preferences of the IDE to use the Flex SDK (for embedding symbols).

Only 2 things have been removed from the game. Both are game ID numbers. One for Mochi ads, the other for Playtomic stat tracking. On the topic of Playtomic, it is now a paid service, so strip any lines of code that use it if you don’t have a Playtomic game slot open.

Dec 222010

I finished up my submission to the competition this morning. Its called Mother, and its a game about defending your children from the shadows that want them.

Here is the competition details thread and here is the entries thread. The competition gave us 24 hours to build a game from scratch without a collaborator. A total of 20 submissions were sent in, made by 19 devs. (Yes, one developer submitted 2 entries.) The games will be judged by FGL on these categories:

  • How well did the game make use of the theme?
  • How good was the gameplay?
  • How much fun was it?
  • How original was it?

The judging will be finished up in a matter of days by the FGL Staff, and the winner will receive, I believe, 11 first impressions.

As with all competitions, it was a great chance to test myself, and try out my artistic side.

Dec 192010

Mochi had an interview with Toge Productions a few days back. The interview was a live video feed, a powerpoint presentation and a chat room. It lasted a good hour and ten minutes, and none of it was worthless. I fully enjoyed the interview, in its very analytic detail of their games. In case you missed it Mochi provided a copy of the powerpoint, audio, and a chat log. You can view the event recap here, which contains all of those.

In addition to Mochi’s recording of the event, I also did a recording (9 recordings actually). If you find Mochi’s video boring since its just the powerpoint with audio, go ahead and check out the screen recording playlist here, which has the live video feed of Toge Productions, as they speak about their presentation, with the powerpoint and chat included in the videos.

Dec 152010

We’ve past 60k views a few days ago! Its not much in comparison with some major games, but we feel that it is a great accomplishment for our team. Its the most an individual game has ever performed for any one of the team members. And its pulled in a nice slice of ad revenue compared to the ~$0 that had been earned previous to this occasion. If you’d like to host the game on your site, its up for free distribution. If you want some branding added, or an API integrated, feel free to contact us. We’re pretty cheap. :)

On a side note, not everything went well with the sponsorship. From talking to other developers, we discovered that the sponsor’s API was not currently working, so instead of pointlessly spending more time on top of the 2.5 months trying to fix the code to get it to work with them, we are probably going to drop the bid. It would have more than matched the ad revenue supplied by Mochi, but nothing really can be done.

With Mochi ads, and Christmas time, we have happened to chance upon an awesome time to release our games. The high eCPM paid in mostly US/European regions during this time *greatly* improved the revenue from the game. It doubled our estimates of the ad revenue rate we thought we would get (0.50$, when we actually got 1.00$ eCPM). I highly recommend the time around (mostly a bit before) Christmas to release a game for this reason. The viral spike your game should get will help you maximize some profits. Of course though, if your game is done in March, why wait?

If anyone is interested, I can post some links to the current view count and revenue of Spin the World that is and will always be up to date.

Dec 142010

Global Game Jam

This is incredibly important. Which is why I had the name centered, enlarged, and linked. Global Game Jam (GGJ) sign-ups just opened last week. David Arcila participated in this last year in the Bogota GGJ, and, in two days, built and submitted Sneaky Fox as his team’s entry. You can download his entry and play it here.

Of course, the GGJ is not limited to Columbia. Its happening all over the world. You can check here to look for the nearest location. Its a great opportunity for you to improve your ability to make games and meet others in the field. Of course, you may not meet any other programmers or artist or musicians that works with the same languages or programs, but still you will find the collaboration part of the competition very enlightening.