Dec 142012

We’ve really wanted to try out the mobile sector and just might to that with Zen Sudoku. So far we’ve got the web version fully complete (sponsors, you can view it on FGL) and it would be great if we could get a version working on Android in the next few weeks. Luckily winter break is coming up so I expect some time to work on it.

David made an awesome “featurette” as well:

And of course, here is a preview of the game:

Jul 082012

Just a quick teaser of our upcoming game, miniQuest Trials. The original game miniQuest was actually a game planned and semi-completed before work on miniPassage began. When miniPassage was finished and released we decided to scrap the original idea and design for miniQuest (a giant single level quest platformer) to miniQuest Trials, which is more reminiscent of Mario and perhaps Super Meat Boy.